Once they’ve finished, if it appears that you or anyone in the team has made a mistake, admit them, apologize, and then do your best to make it right. “Hmm, I’m not sure what an IPA is…” Or, “Yes we do, we’ve got the ‘Wolf of the Willows’ IPA on tap and the ‘Brewdog Punk’ IPA by the bottle.”. And it’s true! I think the most important of these is actually wanting to give people a good experience and then going out of your way to make that happen. making cocktails, washing dishes, etc). The problem with focusing on tips is that it leads to poorer levels of service overall. If that was the case, I’d let the arriving customer know that I’d be with them in a minute & hand them a menu, I’d finish serving my original customer, take care of the other customer’s bill, sort out the drunk, go back to serving the new customer, make the cocktails, and finally, take care of the dishes. The more you know the better! And the reason is that most of us aren’t taught how to deal with them. Bar Policies •Valid Identification or Driver’sLicense - Everyone must have valid Identification verifying the proper age of over 21 years for consumption of alcohol in Washington State.
Whatever the situation is, prioritizing will help you keep level-headed, remain calm, and satisfy the customers’ most important needs.
These days, every business and manager seem to be saying that they give ‘.

They provide mediocre levels of service at best. It sounds like you’re trying to rip people off and take them for all their money. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad day, you failed an exam, or you got caught speeding. Think about it, when you go to a bar, how do you want to be treated? Consider this, before the customer even walks through the front door, they’ve already made the decision that they’re going to spend some money. So stick around, read our guides, and check out the recipes, there’s a lot to learn so you might as well start now ;-). Once you’ve let someone else know, the best approach is to take the customer to one side and tell them that unfortunately, you’re no longer able to serve them. One final note, this does not give you an excuse to STOP working and chat with customers. As soon as you walk behind that bar, it’s time to put your game face on. Sometimes, you’re going to have to step up and step in. there are 10 customers waiting at the bar, you’ve got 5 cocktails to make, and no-one is around to help you…), it’s no wonder that complaints aren’t handled very well. It’s as simple as that. So don’t ‘leave customers to it’ and expect them to know when they’ve had enough. Bartender Resources: Basic Bartending Terminology & Procedures Serving A Short Drink Fill short glass (also known as a rocks glass) with ice, add one standard measurement of spirit and add mixer.

However you chose to approach it, suggestive selling works and it makes everyone happier!

Can you recommend something that they’ll enjoy? And it means you’ll have to put some effort into achieving that. Well, there is no ‘one’ right attitude. **Note** When you’re suggesting products, you should only suggest and recommend drinks that you think they’ll like. We’re going to dive into 10 different rules you can implement today to give outstanding levels of customer service. Yes, it goes back to that age-old maxim your grandmother used to tell you. Before reporting to work, be sure that your uniform is clean and wrinkle-free. So it’s pretty simple, clean up after yourself, organize the bar in the most efficient way possible, and watch how much happier you AND your customers will feel whenever you’re at work. So even if you’re only bartending as a temporary gig, develop this invaluable skill-set. Whether that’s on food, drinks, or whatever. If that catchall phrase doesn’t tickle your fancy (or you have some weird ideas of how you like to be treated), here’s another, slightly more dramatic way to think about good customer service, Outstanding customer service begins with the, I think the most important of these is actually, Then, I would say that it’s important that you’re. In nightclubs, you see this one all the time. From a customer’s point of view, it’s pretty disappointing if their bartender can’t answer their questions about the drinks they sell.

So make sure you develop the others.

Good customer service has become somewhat of a cliche in the hospitality industry.

Wear a server's apron or bib. And if the problem persists, let management know. Being friendly and easy to chat with is only one aspect of bartending. But don’t worry, these situations get easier… Trust me. Fast-track your career with our official bartender’s Guide ‘The Bartender’s Field Manual’. Outside furniture must also be wiped at the start of the day. You might be thinking ‘How does a clean & organized bar give the customer a better experience?’. Or do you crack a big smile, walk over and say hello, ask them how they’re going, and then find out what they’d like to drink? We’ve all done it, but some bartenders are more guilty of it than others.