By working as a team, the NBHCA students, parents, and staff can ensure a safe, clean, and orderly learning environment. How do I select content from an external app in the New Rich Content Editor as a student?

Portland Baby School Logo. Your Canvas login page will appear in the window. North Bay Haven Charter Academy Middle and High School is part of the Bay Haven Charter Academy in Panama City, Florida and caters to sixth through twelfth grade. Stay signed in.

Use of this network, its equipment, and resources is monitored at all times and requires explicit permission from the network administrator and Focus Student Information System. Once you are logged in to Canvas, the Canvas URL will display in the browser menu. Parkland, Fl 33076. You will be directed to your school's Canvas login page. We can answer questions about applying, majors, campus life, housing and so much more. You must have an account to log in to Canvas.

D-I athletics offers a chance to be part of something big... from events like Homecoming to student orgs like the Green Bandana Brigade. NBHCA students are expected to be responsible for their own actions and behavior. Enter your UserID and we'll send you a link to change your password.

It is our belief that parents should be informed and involved in the discipline process.

Have necessary classroom materials every day. NBHCA staff will present, explain, and monitor expected behaviors for our students. Canvas Guides (Manual)

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Show respect for yourself, other students, teachers, and staff. NBHCA students are responsible citizens who respect their fellow students and their school. Click Here For an Account Browse courses Log In Email address. Log In Forgot Password? NBHCA is a drug free learning environment. 5901 NW Pine Island Road. Parent of a Canvas User? North Bay Haven Charter Academy Middle and High School. Find your school by searching for its name in the Search School field. If you use more than one Canvas URL (such as one for your institution and one for Canvas Network), make sure you are using the correct login and password for each Canvas URL. If you are given a join code or a secret URL to join a course, learn how to, Verify you are using the correct Canvas URL for your account. Get Canvas support 24/7 by clicking Help in Canvas. The teachers and administration of NBHCA strive to notify parents of behavior problems related to their child. Note: If you are having trouble signing into Canvas, please see the troubleshooting section in this lesson. It is the central hub of the. Explore our many programs and contact Academic Advising for help. Students: 1 (833) 811-3205  |  Instructors: 1 (833) 811-3206, Chat with Canvas Support You can search for your Canvas URL from the. NBHCA provides a variety of consequences for improper behavior or violation of school rules: Students are required to make up work missed due to their suspension and will receive the educational benefit of the missed work. Instructors and students can contact the IT Help Desk at 920.465.2309 or by email at for support. NBHCA respect themselves, other students, and all staff. Be on time to every class, prepared to work. Password. Parent of a Canvas User? If you do not know your institution's Canvas URL, you can find a link to the page in your course invitation email by clicking the Get Started button. Access Canvas via School Search. You can also use the Canvas URL to log in to the Canvas Mobile Student app. For Canvas support, you can also view helpful guides on the Canvas Community. Forgot Password? How-to guides and help documents are also available 24-hours a day on the UWGB Knowlege Base.

NBHCA students are expected to resolve conflicts peacefully, which means reporting potential problems to teachers, counselors, staff, or administration. You will be directed to the free account page using your credentials.

Find your school by searching for its name in the Search School field. If you signed up using a join code or secret URL, open a browser window and enter Settle conflicts in an acceptable manner. Password. When the full name of your school appears, click the name. (Your institution may have changed your login credentials. Canvas Orientation for Students Integration Request. Canvas Login Use the directory to find a faculty or staff member, or search for an office location.