Since then it has launched two space laboratory modules, called Tiangong. The United States, which now uses the private sector to propel men and equipment into orbit, is joined by China and the United Arab Emirates with scheduled, unmanned missions to Mars in 2020. A second space race, it would appear, has begun. Analysts say the rapid strides China's space scientists and engineers are making doesn't mean the dawn of a new space 'race'. Two have never done it before, Not so 'Bland': NSW town chosen for an out of this world venture, Australian cricket great Dean Jones dies of heart attack in India, Mystery remains over what happened to Sarah Spiers as Claremont killer's not guilty verdict prompts plea, Police end search for missing SA boatie Tony Higgins, 'I wish I had better news': William Wall's dad thanks those who helped search for his son, Hayden McLean kept in 'large caged area' in group home, royal commission hears, 'Exasperated' Minister pushed to replace guards after hotel outbreaks, inquiry hears, There are nine candidates for a vaccine for Australia — here's where they are up to, Mother carried urns containing children's ashes in her handbag for 'five soul-destroying' months, inquest told, Tens of thousands of businesses could collapse by mid next year, experts say, BOM forecasts cold snap, with temperatures set to plummet in south-east Australia, Amid 23 million breaches, there are 262 reasons Westpac copped a bigger fine than it bargained for, 'She's not from here': Townsfolk baffled by mystery woman dumped at hospital, Two women and baby injured after car drives 20 metres over Newcastle cliff, Racing NSW boss says 'defamatory' ABC program was 'good' to expose animal cruelty, North Korean troops shot South Korean official then set his body on fire, Seoul says, The Government wants to make it easier for you to get a mortgage — but there's a catch, 'Disgusting, perverted' Darwin man who committed dozens of child sex offences jailed, Coronavirus detected in two crew members on bulk carrier off WA coast, Former Canberra bikie boss dodges jail time over illegal weapons charges after naked shootout, part of an ambitious long-term NASA program to capture ground samples, Tianwen-1 probe — named after a classic poem titled 'heavenly questions' — blasted off from China's southern island Hainan last week. "What this does is it puts China on the map as only the third nation to send a probe to Mars," Mr Cheng told the ABC.

While the UAE space program is working closely with Americans at the University of Colorado Boulder and will launch from a site in Japan, China’s space program is much more secretive. Read our, Pelosi Reveals Legislation Aimed at Limiting Trump's Presidential Powers, Scientists Detect Apparent Sign of Life on Venus in 'Astonishing and Out of the Blue' Finding, Video Shows BLM Protesters Segregating by Race and Gender, Murkowski Appears To Backtrack on Decision Not To Vote for SCOTUS Nominee, Gun-Toting Granny Stops Would-Be Burglar in His Tracks, Trump Gains 4-Point Lead Over Biden with FL Likely Voters in Latest ABC/WaPo Poll, National Aeronautics And Space Administration NASA, Twitter Users Wonder If Pelosi Just Suffered Cognitive Failure During Live TV Interview, Establishment Media Fact-Checks Joe Biden Over Wildly False Supreme Court Claims, Jill Biden's First Husband: I Was Betrayed by the Bidens and I'm Backing Trump, School Bans Pro-Police Flag After Complaints That It Is 'Racist'. Advertising helps us continue to provide quality content. You may opt out at anytime. Much like during the 20th-century space race between Cold War rivals the United States and Soviet Union, geopolitical foes again are setting their sights on the final frontier. China’s hunt for ‘Holy Grail’ of Mars driving Space Race 2 with ‘no military boundaries’ | Science | News Sep 23, 2020 admin NASA ’s Perseverance Rover is on its way to the Red Planet and will land on February 18, 2021, as part of the US space agency’s Mars 2020 mission. “Since then, it has sent astronauts to an experimental space station, begun work on a larger, more permanent facility, and landed a probe on the less-explored far side of the moon.”. In 2003, China became only the third nation to successfully carry out human spaceflight. The mini-helicopter experiment aims to see whether it's possible to carry out close-range aerial surveys of Mars covering more ground than a rover could.