Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I can help. In Quebec, eighth Grade is equivalent to Secondary II (French: 2e Secondaire ("Seconde")) or Secondary Cycle 1, Year 2. How often will I need my HS transcript? In India, 8th grade is the last grade before High School. 0 0 0. An annoying little kid at the top of his/her school who thinks they are the best and are extremely annoying. New research on the effectiveness of face shields, California to ban sale of new gas-powered cars, What prison life will be like for Lori Loughlin, Athletes saddened but not surprised by Taylor decision, Study: Most with COVID-19 will develop symptoms, Pastor at infamous wedding preached against masks. The cut off date for kindergarten is age on or before July 31st. If you are a 6th grader, you could be stronger than many 8th graders. in America 8th graders are about 13-14 years old. I dropped out of school when I was 15 and it is something that I look back on as one of the greatest achievements in my life. In Canada, generally speaking If you were born from September to January or february (depending in school district) you would start at age 12 and turn 13 in eighth grade. varying upon what age yoy started school, and if you have been moved up or left behind any grades. There are 2 stages of Highschool in Iran, A and B. a stupid kid like myself who thinks they are all cool for one year, because they are the oldest kids in the school, but then when they go to high school, they will be complete dorks, and wont be invited to any parties, and wont how cool they thought they were in the 8th grade. You are on the right track, he has to learn that he does not get to eat until he is calm, teach him to wait even after you've put the bowl down, make him sit and wait put the bowl down if he charges the bowl before it hits the floor pick it back up, sit him down and try again, he has to sit there even with the bowl on the floor and wait until he's released before eating. In Canada eighth grade would be 12-14 years old. Yes, drop out today. Generally, 8th graders are stronger because they are commonly older and bigger but that is obviously not the case for everyone. For the US, its usually the last middle school grade before going to High School. Coz im 14 but half mi friends are still 13! A ranges from Grade 7 (13 years old) across Grade 8 (14 years old) to Grade 9 (15 years old). Is that good? In the United States 41 states have implemented Common Core curriculum standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics in 8th grade. My granddaughter was in 8th grade a while ago and thats ages 13 and 14. is community service sipposed to be voluntary or given as punishment ? Still have questions? 0 1 0. 'Paulette is back': What exactly is a 'zombie' storm? I was 13 and I was the youngest in my grade, most people turned 14 during the 8th grade year.