Not too bad. What is your favorite fight in Ny'alotha. This was a popular strategy prior to the Floating Watcher nerf. Card Details Rate + Decks. Against decks that this would reasonably hit the board during the game, they will probably be able to deal with it before it can kill anything or have things that this can’t overkill. Ironhide Direhorn. The early game is about finding a Waxrider Toggwaggle, and having him snowball to win you rounds. Cookies help us deliver our Services. %USER_BATTLETAG_FULL% Blizzard What do you think about this card? © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. A boring arena card, and I dont get the flavor. So this is AT WORST an average card, and at best a War Golem + a bunch of 5/5’s. You start off with a Pack Leader, Scavenging Hyena, and Rat Pack in the early to mid game. Best of luck to you in raising your MMR with these builds. Ironhide Direhorn will be an Arena all star card. Inspire was another very snowbally, answer-and-response type mechanic like Overkill. Battlegrounds Cards Card Stats. Also interesting to possibly see Beast Druid come back. Right now, Deathwing’s build feels the strongest to me with Mechs and Beasts close second. Beyond Rivendare, there are two flavors of this build: a Beast-centric build and a Mech-centric build. The Zandalari breed specific direhorn species for their small size for use as mounts. The Beast build uses Goldrinn the Great Wolf and Ghastcoiler, while the Mech build uses Kaboom Bots, Mechano-Eggs, and resurrects them with Kangor’s Apprentice. Holy Mackerel is a great addition if you get Divine Shields from your Gentle Megasaur. You’ll want a Mal’Ganis at some point to stop taking damage. Battlegrounds Cards Card Stats. As we learned from Vicious Fledgling, win more cards just make the opponent feel helpless, and that's really not fun. Cave Hydra and Foe Reaper make them pay. Join the discussion on our forums! Curator’s Amalgam plays well with this build as do Edwin Van Cleef and Dancin’ Daryl.

Coldlight Seer is a key buff, but Menagerie Magician and Zoobot help. Card text: Overkill: Summon a 5/5 Ironhide Runt. Deathwing’s Hero Power gives extra punch to anything that puts another minion in play like token generators, Deathrattle, and Reborn. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Gotta mash the baby's food extra hard, it doesn't have all its teeth yet. Beasts can be powerful, but unlike some of the other builds, they require good rolls throughout the game. This strategy can be countered by a Zapp Slywick, but if you use a Maexxna it will kill Zapp before he can take out your Juggler. Summoning just a single 5/5 makes this card top tier, and it’s not going to be that difficult. Be flexible through the midgame and try to not lose too much health.

(286 × 395 pixels, file size: 173 KB, MIME type: Ironhide_Direhorn_(Battlegrounds,_golden).png, Ironhide Direhorn (Battlegrounds, golden), Data:Cards/Ironhide Direhorn (Battlegrounds, golden),,_golden).png?oldid=387730. Triples of your key minions are important since you don’t want to sell a minion with all those buffs. Overkill: Summon a 5/5 Ironhide Runt. Don’t spend too much time on buffs because you’ll want to move on to more powerful minions like Cave Hydra, Virmen Sensei, Ironhide Direhorn, and Savannah Highmane a bit later.

Related Cards Ironhide Direhorn Game Accessories Ironhide Runt Want to learn more about Rastakhan's Rumble ? Overkill - Deal excess damage on your turn for a bonus. The problem is that there’s no way to immediately trigger the effect. Razorgore the Untamed can grow out of control, and Nadina the Red is a game winner. Browse the cards available in Battlegrounds. On top of those five builds, the Hero Deathwing has his own build, and there are builds based around Battlecry and Deathrattle minions. Well, synergy happened, but it's still rather mediocre. Head on over to our Rastakhan's Rumble guide! It looks like the TGT meta all over again, and people generally considered that a really not fun time for the arena. I could see an archetype like that, but until we get some more synergies, I think that the card is below average. You want Kangor to have good targets, and not a bunch of 1/1s. This build also uses Holy Mackerel, Drakonid Enforcer, and Bolvar Fireblood to get buffs from the Divine Shields.