In this process of exploration, our students come to appreciate the value of taking intellectual chances and realize that learning is fun, often a source of joy. Choate Athletics are about sportsmanship, testing limits, striving for excellence – individually and as part of a team. All these and more. The hours were reasonable, allowing students to eat if they had any of 3 or 4 different periods free. However, when I visited friends, I could tell that the facilities were excellent. 3.) Field hockey, squash, lacrosse, wind ensemble, tutoring. This school is academically rigorous and gives out a variety of classes for everyone's interest. Choate students are trained to take full advantage of available information through research skills tailored for different disciplines. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. The social life at Choate was much better than most high schools. My son is successfully balancing everything his first year in college (even taking an extra full load) while others on his hall are struggling.
2) the coaching is quite good.
At Choate as in life, constructive leaders demonstrate self-motivation, curiosity and creativity, and effective … Describe the arts program at your school - what did you like most about it? Day students were also permitted to eat as many meals there as they pleased; I often had all three of mine at school. History, Philosophy, Religion, and Social Sciences, John F. Kennedy Program in Government and Public Service. Enjoy the beautiful campus -- go wandering around once in a while. In a supportive and caring context, our students discover that their future success lies in effort, determination, and an understanding of how they learn. :), This is the best school. Drawing on over one hundred and twenty-five years as a demonstrated leader in education, Choate integrates innovation with our traditional strengths. Since I've graduated, Choate has expanded their science training to offer an independent research program that allows students to have the equivalent of senior college or graduate student training! Thus, no matter what you like to play, you will likely be able to play it at Choate. We still went on to place in the top 10 nationally each year, because our coaches taught us well! I played squash at Choate, and most of my teammates were brand new to the sport their freshman year. Of course no place is perfect, and there are still somethings Choate has to improve on, but I cannot imagine my life without Choate! We also have an academic arts requirement where you have to take at least one art class your sophomore and junior year. In addition to the unique course offerings Choate had, it was outstanding in its "staples" as well. The dining hall is large, beautiful, and comfortable. Choate students cultivate self-motivation and self-awareness. The arts program rises to the occasion of this location. We're a pretty chill bunch, so you won't find much of the cut-throat competitiveness that usually accompanies. Never in my life have I been as consistently sleep deprived as I was in high school.

Choate has a diverse, friendly environment to welcome anyone regardless of their background. Most other boarding schools are full of entitled, privileged students who aren't necessarily that intellectually motivated.

I have had a great four years with Choate. In addition, science and math are four year requirements.

A hard four years, but I learned a lot. 1.) It wasn't always clear who the "cool" kids were, even though people did have groups of friends. Not until I got to college did I realize that at many schools, the humanities courses are considered the less challenging ones. Choate is located in the small town of Wallingford, which is considered an "extension" of campus, which means students can go into town for food or activities at any time. It put me in challenging situations that have benefitted me overall and put me on the path towards success. I can’t imagine a school with better teachers, and there is structure but also freedom and independence.