This year is probably even worse off. Michael McClain, 29, of Manchester, was last seen around 2 a.m. Sunday at Club Tropical. So when you where in college in our early years, you'd always hit me up last minute to hang out. I could see whoever he was in the altercation with having some involvement since he disappeared shortly after. Police said friends who had been out with McClain Saturday night looked for him but were unable to find him.

His phone was last pinged at a McDonald on Hollis street going east from where the Tropical Lounge was. So today makes 10 months. But why call her and not your nearby friends if you are in trouble? Her family contacted Nashua police to report her missing on Jan. 20. Things haven’t really gotten any better since that all went down. #FINDMIKE   #MIKESLIFEMATTER   #BRINGMIKEHOME, HI BABY MOMMY LOVES YOU AND THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME, I WISH WE HAD A SIGN WHERE YOU ARE NOBODY JUST DISAPPEAR IN THIN AIR, KEEP PRAYING AND GOD WILL GUIDE ME TO YOU, LOVE AND MISS YOU A LOT, HI MY LOVE I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW I MISS AND LOVE YOU, KEEP PRAYING WE WILL BE TOGETHER SOON, I'M SO LOST WITHOUT YOU, I'M LOSING MY MIND MUCH. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Things haven’t really gotten any better since that all went down.

Both my cousin (Taquise) and Mike meant a lot to a lot of people. They also told police McClain's car was still parked on Orange Street and they were unable to reach him by phone. Very sad and unfortunate, but I highly doubt he was murdered. DOING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO FIND YOU SO KEEP THE FAITH. Give my family what we need closure something, We love you MikeNice McClain   Bring MikeHome, On this day a year ago one of my best friends went missing. According to a press release police issued on May 15, Jones, 34, was last seen in Nashua on Jan. 17, 2019. City Councilor Andrea Campbell Announces Bid for Boston Mayor, Officials to Decide Whether to Use Fenway Park as a Voting Venue, Copyright © 2020 NBC Universal Inc. All rights reserved. First you would have been mad as hell, talking all types of shit...... then you would have put the gear on and start posing in pics making jokes, along w still cussing about the virus and how you best not get it or else....... it’s been a year, omg I am lost for words on how to feel with no answers, my heart hurts for your family with no answers. The river is wide, deep, dark, and fast. Michael was seen on video obtained by the Nashua Police Department at several locations on East Hollis Street. WE HAD A FISH FRY FOR YOU ON DECEMBER 8TH AND ALL WENT WELL WE ARE RAISING MONEY FOR A BILLBOARD FOR YOU AND IT LOOK LIKE WE HAVE MADE OUR GOAL TO HAVE ONE UP IN NEW HAMPSHIRE FOR YOU SOON, WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MUCH, HEY BABY THANKSGIVING WAS NOT A GREAT ONE KNOWING YOU ARE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE MAKES ME SICK, ALL I DO IS PRAY FOR YOUR SAFE RETURN SOON, I BEGGING GOD TO BRING YOU BACK TO ME PLEASE I LOVE AND MISS YOU, BABY BOY I MISS YOU, I WAS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE LAST WEEK, WORKING ON THINGS TO FIND YOU, PLANNING ON GOING BACK ASAP, I LOVE YOU KEEP PRAYING THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT, WOW BABY BOY TODAY OCTOBER 21,2019 MAKES 6 MONTHS OF YOU BEING MISSING, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, I CANT DEAL WITH IT TODAY, I HOPE YOUR OKAY AND KEEP PRAYING, WE ARE DOING EVERYTHING TO FIND YOU. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST A YEAR THAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING. I may not have explained it well but he left the McDonald's alive and was seen on camera at that condo complex. I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY STILL CAN'T SLEEP FORCING MYSELF TO EAT MY HEADACHES ARE GETTING WORSE.

A description of what McClain was last wearing was not provided.

This year is probably even worse off. Like many other people, MiDian Holmes, 39, of Denver only learned of what had happened to McClain a few miles from her home after his death got new attention following Floyd’s death. You deserve to be brought home to your family. LOVE YOU MIKE, I miss you #FindMike. Wish people would stand up for what’s right and get you back to your family and friends! Michael got separated from the friends he went to the club with from here on out. I enjoyed so much seeing him at work and getting a big genuine hug from him. He threw a snowball at me...hard. Both my cousin (Taquise) and Mike meant a lot to a lot of people. Manchester NH is depressed and seedy in areas. I MISS AND LOVE YOU TO DEATH. My heart is really broken, I cried this morning. Very puzzling that he made a phone call to his boss after leaving the club saying he was being pursued.....why not call the friends he was with? Battling with different Theories in your head having no closure breaking down at the sight of his pictures breaking down when loved ones ask you about update or when your son asks “mommy have they found uncle mike yet “ ! I LOVE YOU TO PIECES. If you have any information about the disappearance of Michael McClain. Michael was seen on video obtained by the Nashua Police Department at several locations on East Hollis Street. I think about him more than people may realize! Through our advanced obituary search , you may search our database of obituaries by name, location, date of death and keywords. I just don't get why he wouldn't contact his friends that were texting him or his acquaintance he saw at McDonalds. We miss you Mike, Can’t believe it’s been a year without you  I miss your laugh, working with you everyday and all the good times..