It begins in the bar room of Jack's Bar, and ends on Main Street (unless the player complete the "Escape the Zombies and Survive" ending). The group makes their way into a storm drain and exits at the Apple Inn where they meet Dorian and two more survivors. This key is found on a table in the Wine room on Easy and Normal. What's worse, the item menu closes if you take damage.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Everyone but Yoko starts in the Bar; Yoko starts in the Women's bathroom. Harry, one of the police officers at the bomb site. Before leaving for 2F, the player can also shoulder Bob out of the room to escape with them, but this comes at the cost of being unable to use any weapons. The greatest evil residing in Outbreak isn't the hordes of zombies out to go all Dawn of the Dead on your ass--it's the shoddy online play structure. However, here's the hefty downside: there's little to no communication with your teammates. Yet despite these differences, Resident Evil: Outbreak is essentially the same as previous incarnations: your ultimate goal is still survival, which is achieved by shooting zombies and solving puzzles while overcoming the often-awful camera angles. The player must unwind a valve on the back of the fuel truck, and then use the Lighter near the fuel slip, though they cannot use the Lighter when stood on this fuel. The Japan servers stayed up but finally went down in July 2011.

The stiff difficulty, branching levels, and especially your severely limited inventory (most characters have only four slots for items) make cooperation among players essential, but the inexplicable lack of voice (or even keyboard) chat completely destroys all hope of real teamwork. Some uninvited guests crashed the party. The police operation turns sour when Eric and Elliott are killed, forcing the group to assemble the detonator themselves. English.

Capcom claims that not being able to speak or type to others makes the game scarier, but this and things like having to wait minutes--maybe even hours!--for others in the lobby after you die really just make it less fun to play. I also much prefer the old control style--the new 3D-style movement is much more confusing.

Here's the setup: A waitress, a cop, a surgeon, a plumber, a security guard, a reporter, a subway conductor, and a computer expert walk into a bar, but before a lame joke can ensue, a horde of unruly zombies breaks in, starts wrecking the joint, and begins gnawing on the closest warm bodies.

If you loved it before, you'll probably love it here.

Raymond Douglas, the surviving police officer outside Jack's Bar. (You really don't want your friends standing around typing "OMG u suxOrz. The graphics look great, but not being able to talk or type in an online game? Or, if you like, you can play the same game solo, with the computer controlling your three partners. "Less control equals more chances for something to go wrong.". Founded. The barricade is formed by pushing the two leftmost police cars northwards, preventing Zombies (Scissor Tails on Hard and Very Hard) from walking down the street. When this is used near Eric's body, the Zombies will be killed in a cutscene, which also ends the game. This stalls the Zombies for a short time before they break the boards down.

Police officers Arthur and Raymond Douglas call out all civilians to evacuate the area, and the group jump into an apartment building to meet up with them. If the player is on Very Hard, they can retrieve the Storage Room Key from this room for later.