Flair claims he told the psychiatrist in 1998 that he drank beer while driving and once he got to the hotel that he’d switch to vodka. Far too many Tennesseans are struggling with unemployment, caring for themselves or a loved one with COVID-19, or simply ... (click for more), I am local artist Hollie Berry and am running for Red Bank City Commission District 1. This would include Rogers' signature strut and his finishing Figure-Four Leg Lock. Word comes to us that a new tell-all documentary on Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair has just been released and therein Ric tells the cameras he has been married four times in his 68 years and has slept with (drum roll) over 10,000 women. With his robes costing him usually around $30,000, we're curious if his boots had the same price range. After the two put on a classic Mania bout, Flair started wrestling regularly again. Turns out in his younger days, while making $200 a week, Wahoo McDaniel told Flair to buy some new boots. Young Fliehr was adopted from the Tennessee Children's Home Society, which has its own sketchy history in itself as an organization involved with the kidnapping of children and illegal black market adoptions. That must be why he admitted in the fourth of episode of his podcast that not only was going to TNA one of his biggest regrets, but he wishes he stayed retired from in-ring competition altogether. He was nearly 300 lbs with a short brown buzz cut. For much of his career, Ric Flair had been associated with the NWA Championship. The first was – you guessed it – “The Alimony Pony” and then came “The Dirtiest Player in the Game,” and “Ktouran no Kikoushi “(Japanese for Nobleman of Fury” and my personal favorite: “Limousine Ridin.’ Jet Flyin’, Kiss Stealin’, Wheelin’ Dealin’ son of a gun!”. I am a man of many passions, but above all else, writing is my biggest passion and also my greatest skill. There is not a soul on this planet who hears that yell and doesn't immediately associate it with Ric Flair. Herd thought that this would help Flair "change with the times" and of course, nothing screams "hip" to a younger audience like a character based on a BC era figure. Yet, the same cannot be said for Flair and Shane Douglas. Don't think for a second that these were the only occasions when The Dirtiest Player in the Game was at the center of shocking controversy. The same year he got divorced, he married Elizabeth Harrell with whom he had another two children (Ashley, better known as Charlotte, in WWE and the now late Reid) before divorcing in 2006 after 23 years together. As of July 2016, he’s been engaged to Wendy Barlow (who played Fifi for a short-lived WCW interview segment, A Flair for the Gold, in 1993), with a marriage ceremony to be announced. A superstar like Ric Flair only comes around once in a lifetime. In 1998, October 19th was declared as Ric Flair Day in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His feud with Mick Foley has been well documented with both men badmouthing each other in their respective autobiographies before coming to blows backstage. They filed for divorce a couple years later in 2008. Here’s the match Ric’s referring to in the interview, his “farewell” match from WrestleMania XXIV. Sean Hoffstatter scored in the 45th minute and Darwin Lom scored 63rd minute. Flair invented more moves – heavy on theatrics – than he won World Champion belts: Do you remember the diving knee drop, the body guillotine, low blow, gut-wrench, pile-driver, or just out-and-out poking his opponent in the eyes? Although, this would not be the last time that Flair was more than willing to give away one of his classic belts. The only wrestler that you may have idolized more than him was Hulk Hogan! The two developed a teacher/student bond that quickly turned into a genuine friendship. Everything about him is truly unique, except his nickname of Nature Boy. Just this September he had to be placed in a medically-induced coma because the intestinal blockage caused his quite-taxed kidneys to shut down. “Lemme tell you something,” said the king of the Running Jumping Knee Drop, “that’s cool if it’s in good context. He is a good steward of the Walden spirit, which maintains that the smaller the government, the better. "I was just doing what was natural -- chasing good-looking ladies, whoever they were and wherever they were.". Ten years later, Columbia, South Carolina commemorated March 24th as Ric Flair Day and even gave Flair a key to the city. That is until Flair returned to the ring a few months later against Hulk Hogan for his untelevised Hulkamania tour. After growing out his bleach blond locks, tweaking his in-ring style as a heel, and "Woooooooooo-ing" audiences with some bombastic charisma, Naitch quickly became one of the biggest draws in his wrestling territory. The original plan was for Flair to re-enter WWF in a non-wrestling role as the onscreen co-owner of WWF, but he was later pitched to take part in a Street Fight with Vince McMahon at Royal Rumble 2002. Highspots tried to sell the belt to make the money that Flair owed them, only to find out that another company, Combraco, Inc., already held a lien on the property for money Flair owed them. Ric also shared that his average daily alcohol intake was as much as 10 beers and five cocktails every single day for more than two decades and that one doctor looked him dead in the eye and told him that was humanly impossible.