Our clubhouse in Teddington is on the first non-tidal reach of the River Thames between Kingston Bridge and Teddington Lock. They can be difficult to manoeuver, take a long time to stop and may be confined to a small part of the river where there is just enough water for them. If you are crossing the river, it is to get to a set location for a particular purpose (i.e. Among the dinghy classes at Thames are the Merlin Rocket, Laser, Omega, Pico and Toppers.

Although there is not a legal requirement for the person in charge of a recreational craft or ‘pleasure vessel’ to have a formal qualification, the tidal Thames is not for novice or inexperienced people. Urgent safety lesson issued after a fatal inversion of a sailing boat with a retractable keel. (You can use arches not marked by these orange lights where depth and height allow.). We suggest, particularly for your first journey through London, to plan your passage for the quieter traffic times. Easily accessible from Central and South West London, we have one of the largest Tuesday night after work sailing sessions around in a great, social, but competitive atmosphere. Take a look at our Rowing and Paddling pages of the website to become familiar with what to expect. Navigate at a safe speed to ensure effective action can be taken to avoid a collision. You must obtain permission from the berth or mooring owner before using any facility. Brentford Cruising Club. These differing challenges mean effective passage planning is vital and the information provided here should assist the recreational user in safely navigating the tidal Thames. It is the best tidal stretch of the Thames. An AIS transponder (Automatic Identification System) is of a great benefit. BCC is a friendly, active and well established yacht club, offering river cruising, social events, courses and training programs. (See the specific navigation advice for different areas of the river below, for more advice.).
to leave/get to a mooring) and you must not tack, cross or enter the fairway so as to obstruct another vessel proceeding along the fairway. A minimum of one 12kg anchor, attached to a designated strongpoint by 5 metres of 6mm short link chain and 25m of 12mm rope. Dinghies have been raced on the River Thames at Hammersmith since 1894. Sailing at Thames Sailing Club The historic Thames Sailing Club is sat an attractive stretch of the River Thames in Surbiton, near Kingston-Upon-Thames. Safely navigating through central London - VIDEO. Most chandleries sell VHF handsets, along with the ‘Ship Portable Radio Licence’ required for a VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Handset. Ensure you have planned your passage; taken into account the tide times; made bookings with any locks; and checked the weather and ‘Fluvial Flow’ guidance.