This episode featured the debut of The Rabbit Tribe, which consists of Paul freakin' London, Mala Suerte and Saltador. Mariposa motivates her broken armed brother Marty “The Moth” Martinez. A chair shot to the cranium was next. Back in the ring, Mil connected on a spear and a Flatliner for the victory. Lucha Underground is hitting that stride of sweetness with back to back jamming episodes. ‎In the aftermath of Dario Cueto’s shooting, the Lucha Underground Temple moves to a new location. It was lame that he was sacrificed like that. Johnny Mundo and Taya take on Kobra Moon and her King, Daga. Fenix returns to the Temple to team with Drago and Aerostar against the Reptile Tribe. Catrina hopes to restore her life and searches for the Gauntlet of the Gods. Time is so very fleeting, Mr. London. Ivelisse was grossed out and grabbed Ryan’s chest fur to toss him across the ring. But, I wouldn’t call it a murder.

Catrina hopes to restore her life and searches for the Gauntlet of the Gods. The momentum carried Killshot right into a Mack stunner. Marty “The Moth” Martinez introduces a new associate and sends a message to his Ultima Lucha opponent. Mil showed signs of frustration as they left. The Rabbit Tribe takes on XO Lishus, Ivelisse and Joey Ryan. My sources say that you are a police officer. Credit to Antonio Cueto. Pentagon lowered his hood, took off his sunglasses, removed the fake mask, then kicked Cage in the head. One Wrath of the Gods later, and the match was over. A Gift of the Gods Battle Royale takes place. With the way the finish played out, this hoss fight was more like an appetizer for an epic rematch some day down the line. Speaking of the sacrifices, they better have the next luchador fight like his life depends on it. Your questions?I answer them in due T I M E⏳, I Am The White Rabbit. Who do you think will be the next sacrifice? Havoc is your new partner. Dario Cueto’s fate is revealed. Paul London battles newcomer Dezmond X for the Final Ancient Aztec Medallion.

XO Lishus takes on Jack Evans in a “No Mas” Match. Taya Mundo takes on Ricky Mundo. Doctors recommended taking a break, but Havoc declined. No shoulder roll this week from Melissa when she introduced Catrina.

Melissa Santos and Catrina engage in an epic confrontation. With the help of the mysterious “Order", the bloodthirsty Aztec Gods plan to wage war in Lucha Underground, destroy the world, and sacrifice any luchador that gets in their way. There could be worse options. Paul London pays another visit to the White Rabbit. After coldcocking Ivelisse with a punch, Ryan went for three successive two count pin attempts. Besides his pre-WWE run in Impact Wrestling, Kross previously worked in Lucha Underground as The White Rabbit.
Johnny Mundo and Taya take on Kobra Moon and her King, Daga. The sets, music, and effects were all dope and truly added to the moment. During Son of Havoc’s entrance, Matt Striker mentioned that Havoc suffered a neck injury a few weeks ago. Taya Mundo returns for revenge.